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Chris Chang’s creations for Poesia draw inspiration from children’s dolls, cartoon caricatures, the idyllic world of birds, the microscopic realm of insects, traditional garb from around the world, costumes of Mongolian and Yunnan ethnic tribes, the clothing of her own Peruvian ancestry, and the pageantry of Kun Qu with its contrast of brilliant colors set against muted pastel backgrounds.  The juxtaposition of the extremes between east and west, classic and avant-garde, glamour and demurity, boisterousness and silence are not only a revelation of the personality of the designer but also the constant elements in her designs. 

At heart, Chris’ fanciful creations offer a chance to experience the joy, fantasy, and glamour that there is so little of in the mundane world. They are the embodiment of a vision that we all once had as children, but which we lose as time goes on. Her work is the result of an inner world, which treads from real to the surreal and a fascination with the symbols and icons of her childhood dreams. She believes in the parallel of a woman dressing for maximum glamour.

Educated at the prestigious Parson School of Design, Chris then worked for 8 years as General Manager of Prada Taiwan.  Her familiarity with luxury lifestyle and her youthful spirit led her to reflect on the dilemma of chic mothers who wanted to dress their daughters fashionably, but only found standard basics available.  It was this spark of insight which led to the birth of Poesia. The children’s collection sold in Barney’s New York, Neiman Marcus and 15 other boutiques in North America from 2006 to 2009. In 2012, she opened her boutique at the Jing’an Kerry Centre in the heart of Shanghai.

Currently, Chris divides her time between Shanghai and California working on various projects including interior design, product design, women’s wear and active wear. The vision of beauty in chaos, maximalism, and quiet humour is the same lyrical projection whether applied to clothing, interior, furniture or accessories design. 

Visit Chris’ Instagram @chrischang.designer for all the latest!

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